Private Accommodations vs. Hotel Stays


Private accommodation on one hand means when you want to be on your own in your private guest house or vacation home, where you need to do self-catering with the given cooking facilities. Where as hotel stay gives you spoon feeding comfort. That pleasure of having bed tea and ready to serve food. People serving you and you don’t need to worry that who will clean the room. If i need to recommend some one i will definitely say hotel stay. Private accommodation may get messy sometimes but they give you privacy that you can not get in hotels. To finish the confusion that which one is a preferable stay these two can be compared on different scales. The first thing that working people see when they are on holiday is their budget. Hotel stay can be expensive than if you go for some guest house as they serve you with facilities that you wont get at your private accommodations. But if you choose something private you can be on your own.

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The second thing which we think about is the services that will be provided. If you hang up in some guest house or so you will be provided only with the basic help but if u look for some hotel you will be served with royalty.
Privacy is one of the most important thing which you need to have on vacation. Thinking of completely private guests house where you can do what ever you want, and then thinking of hotels where you need to maintain certain protocol. One need not think on this twice that personal accommodation give much more privacy than hotels.

No doubt that private stay gives you complete privacy but they do not give you comfort like hotels does. Different people have different perspectives, both hotels and private accommodations have somethings in good and bad. What matter is enjoying you vacations to the fullest.

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