Spotted by local


In every city you will find some joints which are preferred by the local residents of the city which are their favourite joints for food and shopping. Talking about Delhi this is a city which will satisfy every one’s desire of shopping and food. From the rich birds to the local folks every on can spend their weekend happily enjoying at their favourite joints.


DILLI HAAT:- this open-air food plaza which is the permanent market of Delhi serves various cultural traditions of India. With the traditions it serves a variety of food and accessories from various states of India. Not only Indian food this place also serves your taste buds whit authentic Chinese food also. The only place in Delhi where you will find rosewood and sandal wood carvings, embellished camel hide footwear and may other specialities. This is the place where every local of Delhi would like to have his weekend supper.


KAMLA NAGAR MARKET:-  this market is specially famous amongst youngsters. Situated near by Delhi University it attracts youth from all around Delhi. Being my personal favourite this place is a fabulous joint for youngsters. Not only for clothes this place has many famous food joints also which serve a variety of Chinese, Italian and thai food. Not only this this place is famous for its coffee points and local maggie points also.


CHANDNI CHOWK MARKET:- this is one market in Delhi where you will find every thing. Though the entry and the car parking me hassle you but once you are in you can shop and eat till your satisfaction. The cheapest of all markets holds a variety of stuff to offer. The famous ‘Parantha gali’ of Delhi-6 seems every ready to serve its customers with its delicacies.


SAROJINI NAGAR MARKET:- this place seems like heaven to all girls being a girl i share the same feeling for this place. Here you will find small street food joints but that is not the reason why this place is famous amongst the locals, the reason for its popularity is that one can find high on fashion clothes here at a very low price. Not only clothes but you can find all types of accessories available here. Similar to this market are Janpath market, CP and Lajpath nagar market where you can shop at affordable prices.


GREATER KAILASH M BLOCK MARKET:- if you want to spend some of your money and want to buy good stuff then this is the place that you should visit. Not only for shopping this place is famous for its food joints and hotels. Here you can not only buy local clothes but you will find all the brands ready to sell their stuff to you. Here you will also find all types of cuisines ready to revive your taste buds.

What we search from internet are the places we can visit but these place which are spotted by the locals are a must to visit. These places give you the actual preface of a city and its people.

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