The Top Reasons You Should Visit Kulu – Manali

Long back when I visited Kulu-Manali in late 90s it was a mesmerising place, though i was small but i still remember its charm and glory. Years passed but that place still holds its beauty. This magnetic city has many places which will attract you towards itself. This is one place where Indians can feel the pleasure of snow and snow fight.


HADIMBA TEMPLE:- this cave temple with wooden carvings is dedicated to Bhima’s wife goddess Hadimba. This is an ancient and historical temple of 1533. This temple has special architecture with four-tiered pagoda roof. This temple not only has beautiful carving but also holds a strong historical background. Even one who visits Manali visits this attraction for sure.


SOLANG VALLEY:- a place which offers picturesque views of glaciers and snow-clapped hills is the most beautiful place one can visit in kulu Manali. This place is not only popular for its beauty but is a very famous camping site and attracts many trekkers from near and far. Skiing is very popular in this area. If you are an adventure lover then this is a place you must visit and try all the sports.


MANIKARAN:- this is a place famous for its story that goddess Parvati lost and then recovered her earrings here from a boiling fountain of water. In this hot water fountain you wont burn your hand if you put it in but can boil rice and vegetables. It is believed that this water has the ability to cure skin diseases. Every year many people take dip in these fountains.


RAHALA WATERFALLS:- About 16 km from Manali at the start of the climb to the Rohtang Pass, are the beautiful Rahalla Falls at an altitude of 2,501 m. These falls will give you chilled waves but once you are in you can enjoy here for hours. Flowing water splashes will revive the kid in you.


KOTHI:- this scenic beauty is a place where you can find inner peace. This place has many majestic moments. Called the perfect place for honeymoon couples this place has many tourist attractions. With the river flowing at its base it will mesmerise you with its hills and glaciers.

This place surrounded by mountains covered with coloured flowers and carpeted with rich greenery will capture you heart in the very first glance. This ‘land of Gods’ will give you goose bums with its beauty, culture, history, myths and stories.

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