Bouncing through India with Room n House

Planning your next vacation? Europe or Thailand aren’t the only places that should be on your wishlist! Whether it is Diwali holidays, Christmas break, the summer or just another weekend getaway; there are a lot of wonderful locations in India that are unexplored.

We have the paradise like Kashmir, rich in culture and heritage that is Rajasthan, remarkable wildlife and nature in Madhya Pradesh and Religiously important Uttar Pradesh. Mumbai is famous for its vibrant nightlife, Bollywood and almost everything! Bangalore for its corporate nature and a number of music gigs. Kerala is a beautiful place with its lush green land and backwaters. People from all over the world come to Goa to enjoy the sun and the sand.



Cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi have plenty of monuments that are definitely a must-see. Then there is the one and only Taj Mahal, a symbol of love for the whole world to see and a man-made wonder. Kolkata and rest of Bengal have a lot to offer as well, with its incredible festivals like Durga puja as well as delicious food. So does Gujurath, with dandiya, garba, navaratri and number of gorgeous temples!

The north-east India is quite breathtaking too. Darjiling, Shilong, Leh and Ladakh… every Indian ought to see these places and soak in their beauty! Of course all this travel would not be light on the pocket. The good thing is that with the help of Room n House, you can save up a lot on the amount you would be spending on accommodation. Room n House offers the services of hiring a room or a house on rent by tying up with the house owners. The rental facility is available in most cities in India and that too at a reasonable rate. Renting out in a house privately is considerable cheaper than staying in a commercial hotel or lodge for long durations such as travelling through India.

House stays are not only more economic but also more memorable thanks to the warm welcome you would receive from the hosts. Hence, Room n House is a great option to opt for if you are planning to explore our amazing country. 🙂

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