Five ways to save money at NH7 Weekender

NH7 Weekender is a three day indie music festival held in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. It was voted as India’s best music festival by CNNGo in 2011. Here are the dates for its 2013 edition:

Pune- October 18, 19, 20

Bengaluru- November 23, 24

Delhi NCR- November 30, December 1

Kolkata- December 14, 15

Bcardi NH7 Weekender
Bcardi NH7 Weekender

The regular tickets, valid for all three days are priced at INR 3750. The trip would definitely make a hole in your pocket but no worries! There are few ways to save up at nh7:

1.Plan in advance-

Make sure you plan all the details of your trip to the weekender in advance. Take care of the travel and accommodation arrangements early so as to get cheaper rates. Last minute bookings can be expensive.

2.Share the experience-

Whether it is a cab from Mumbai to Pune or a room in Bangalore hotel, share it with your friends who are also going for the festival. If you are travelling alone, find other nh7-goers or fellow travellers to split the bill and instantly save some cash.

Share the ride
Share the ride

3.Bring your provisions-

Although the food on site would be wonderful and have a lot of variety, try packing some from home to reduce your expenses on outside food. If camping facilities are available, you can even cook your own meal.

4.Remember that you are there for the music-

Finding an amazing place to stay or delicious food at all times can be difficult and costly. So make an effort to adjust if you are looking to save up. It can turn out to be quite an experience and fun as well. And afterall, you are there for music, not for a luxurious holiday!

Celebrate music at nh7
Celebrate music at nh7


5.Wait until the last day to buy merchandize-

The merchandize at music festivals, clothes, trinkets etc can be ridiculously overpriced. Wait until the last day to do this shopping as the vendors are desperate then to get rid of the stock and the prices are significantly reduced.

With these five ways, you can certainly cut down your expenses at NH7. Do let us know how your experience at the weekender was 🙂

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