Free Stay at PUNE for NH7

It’s that time again! We are giving away a Free night stay at PUNE  during NH7 for TWO persons (T&C apply), all you need is to show your power in Social Network- Facebook.

Enjoy NH7 Music Festival with Free stay from Room n House
Enjoy NH7 Music Festival with Free stay from Room n House

We are so excited that you are up for the challenge, to win this exciting offer all you got to show is your social power.We will post the photo of the listing on our official Facebook Page & Blog at <14th October 12:00 noon >, you must post the same picture in your profile and share it among your community. The one with max likes/Share in 24 hours will win the contest. Check the rules to get started.

  1. The Post will be made at 14th October 12:00 noon, you can download the raw (uncompressed image), download link will be available at the time posting.
  2. The contest begins from the moment the image is posted and will end at 15th October 6:00 PM , any likes/share after the mentioned time will not be counted.
  3. You should post the image in Facebook with the description (will be provided in the blog post / Facebook post), post can be made  at any time after the contest begins, time of posting doesn’t matter make sure you post it ASAP to get increase the chance of wining the contest.
  4. Once you uploaded the picture with the description, make a comment in the blog post (which contains the image) with the URL of your upload in to participate in the contest. Only entries posted in the blog will be taken into account, so don’t miss it.
  5. Uploaded image and description must be same as the one we provide, any changes made will get you disqualified.
  6. Any one can above 18 years of age can enter this contest, you can enter even if you are not going to PUNE for NH7.
  7. Important : In order to claim this one night stay you must book at least 2 nights at the same apartment, payment & further details will be informed to you later.
  8. The apartment is reserved by Room n House for the winner, so this apartment will be stated as booked on our web site.
  9. Decisions by Room n House will be final. We will publish the wining upload along with the winner.
  10. It doesn’t matter what is more share or like, what ever is more that will be considered for that participant.
  11. under the case of collision we will consider the addition of both shares and likes.


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