5 Bad Travel Habits

Travelling is real fun, once you know the best things to do to make your trip a memory; at the same time it is also important to avoid few things to make it a good experience. From the window of my thoughts and from my own experiences, I’ve figured out a list of “5 Things NOT to” while travelling. Check it out!


1. Being at different places at the same time

Be here

Be where you are when you are. Avoid being at different places at the same time. Now days all of us are addicted to our cell phone. Wherever we go, we carry our own world with us in that cell phone. While sitting in the car, we keep busy in WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook and we miss the real fun things. Scenes appearing outside and events happening inside, we miss them all. I remember, the scene in famous0 Bollywood movie Zindagi na Milegi Dobara; where the character Arjun keeps so busy with his cell phone that one of his friends throw his cell  phone out of the car. Avoid it completely, you are on holiday by your own wish and you should be there now. Remember, most important time for you is ‘NOW’, and the most important person is the ‘Person sitting next to you’.

2. Travelling to the same place again and again


I remember in last two years, out of six trips we made four of them were to Kashid. It was like home for us. We were mesmerized by its beauty and peace. At first it felt amazing; and because of that feeling we decided to go there again. And that ‘again’ then turned to again and again. Afterwards whenever we had any guest who never been to Kashid, we used to take them there. Dear friends, the world is a huge and beautiful place. Visit different places, meet new people, try different things. What will happen, in the end you will have a very good memory or you will have a very good lesson.

3. Being a Guide


When we travel to some place having ancient heritage like forts, caves, tombs. We generally hire a guide to guide us and make us understand about that place. But now days because of Google and Wikipedia we have a huge amount of information with us, just a few clicks away. When you hire a guide, just keep mum and listen to his words; every one of us know, most of the guides repeat same things again and again with every person they meet, they are unaware of complete things and knowledge. But they do add a few things which we will never find on the internet.  Don’t brag with them. It’s of no use. If you want to, you can get complete knowledge from the internet and can guide your friends about the place. But I will suggest you NOT to be the guide, hire one and enjoy! It’s fun.

4. NOT Planning ahead or Not sticking to the plan

Stick to the Plan

This is very important. Whenever you go on travelling, always have a plan or you might miss something. Before going anywhere, collect sufficient information about the place and plan everything. Planning plays the most important role when you go for weeklong tour. Going with the plan and sticking to the plan can save your money and time. In one of our tour we spent the entire day thinking what to do next and that time it was very tough for us to decide by taking each one’s opinion. So better avoid spontaneous acts, have a plan!

 5. Over packing

young woman standing on over packed suitcase in bedroom

This is most common NOT to do thing. We always take lots of extra stuff with us that we never even take out of our bag. It consumes place and make your tour bulky. If you are going by your own vehicle then it is well and good to have a few extra things but when you go by other means of travelling please keep very specific and limited things with you. What’s the need of having three jeans when you can manage with two?? Think this way and limit your luggage. Keep it simple, keep it least.



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