Do’s and Dont’s in Goa

Have you ever heard about the great migration of the birds during winters where all the birds from cold winter regions fly and migrate to warmer and sunnier regions? One could easily say that what happens in Goa during December and January every year is nothing short of a great migration. People from not only India but from all over the world flock in, in huge numbers to this little paradise on earth called Goa. Now, one always has to be careful while traveling and make sure you enjoy safely while you enjoy your trip. So here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for you so that you have an amazing, exciting yet a safe and secure time in Goa this year-

1) Do drive/bike around Goa

do ride a scooter across goa

The best ways to discover any cities is to travel across it by food. But because of the sole expanse of Goa, it is better to discover this wonderful place in a rented car or scooter or a bike. Goa is divided into North Goa and South Goa and both the places as just as much interesting to explore. The old Goa which is an area where you can see old Portuguese houses and culture is something you must experience. Goa is a place that is best explored on a scooter or a bike. They are inexpensive and easy to ride and you can skip traffic jams too!

2) Do not drive without a proper license

Having said that one of the best ways to explore Goa is on a bike or scooter, one must not get overwhelmed by the thought and ride them without having a proper license. You should be of the legal age to drive or ride a two-wheeler. International tourists should have an international driving license. Also, before you rent a car or a two-wheeler, be sure that all the parts, especially the brakes, are functioning properly. The last thing you want in your fun-filled trip is to be wasting money on repairing bikes and cars. And last but not the least, DO NOT drink and drive. Its for your safety but also for the safety of others on the road.

3) Do try new food whenever possible

chicken xacuti

Don’t be afraid to put any new dish that looks appetizing into your mouth without thinking much. A lot of people are always weary of sea-food for it’s quality. But rest assured, Goa is one place where you can be sure to get the best quality sea-food. And not only that, due to Goa being a beautiful mélange of Konkani and Portuguese culture, you can actually try foodstuffs from both the cultures. A Konkani pompfret fry tastes just as great as a Portuguese chicken xacuti. Be open-minded about food and experiment.

4) Do not let strangers mix your drink

don't let strangers mix your drinks

Goa is a great place to meet new people. Many friendships are created here over a glass of beer in a beach shack or a cup of coffee in a café. But you must be careful enough to not let strangers mix your drinks. Not everyone is bad, but not everyone is good either. So, when in a dance club be sure that you are the one who is ordering your drinks and the one who is collecting them from a bar. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

5) Do respect the other tourists in the place

respect other tourists

Now, we all know Goa is a tourist hub for people from India and abroad alike. So one can definitely expect people from European countries, from USA, Australia etc. to be there. These people are very open-minded and they wear bikinis and short clothes in Goa. Because it is such a rare thing for us, we tend to stare at them. This is extremely uncomfortable for them and is like invading their privacy. We should respect them as tourists and behave with them the way you would like to be behaved with.

6) Don’t stay in your room

don't stay in the room

The last but not the least- don’t be the person who just stays in the room all the while. We know that you might have gone there for relaxing but staying in the room will not lift your spirits. Go out, albeit for a nice and a quiet walk on the beach. Explore, roam around, don’t be afraid to do things you have never done before. Be adventurous and enjoy your trip to the fullest. As a famous person once said- adventure may be dangerous but monotony is lethal. So the most useful tip for your Goan rendezvous is that HAVE FUN!


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