Hello December

You know how at the start of every week, precisely on Monday, everyone just feels so depressed. The kids have to go to school, teenagers have college, and adults have to go back to work. And just as the week proceeds, the excitement rises because then our favorite day, Friday, starts nearing. Thank God It’s Friday goes the saying. Everyone is happy, it’s the weekend and that means lots of fun and parties. So the easiest way to describe December would be to say that ‘If a year was one week, December would be the Friday!’

december, the friday of the months

Ah, December! After almost 2 long months of (extended, nowadays) October heat, December is like a cool glass of Sangria on a hot sunny day. The temperature starts dropping, the winter clothes start coming out and atmosphere is so full of fun and warmth. The wedding season, birthdays, Christmas and to end it all, New Years Eve; December is all about fun and frolic.  The best part about December, after the nice cold weather of course, has to be our nice and long Christmas holidays!

Hello December

People from all around the world take holidays in December, especially around the last week of December. The last week includes Christmas and New Years Eve so we already have two holidays and it is easier to get holidays in Christmas as everyone is in the mood for a nice break and no one really wants to work. So the hotels are booked to the brim, the air-tickets are over-booked and if you want to book a last minute air-ticket, it costs a bomb. This is because everyone is traveling in December.

hello december

The usual travel pattern in December goes something like this- people from colder countries travel to the warmer countries. They want to escape the harsh winters and come enjoy the mild winters in the warmer countries. This is the reason why places like Australia, Goa, Mauritius, Thailand, and most Latin American Countries see a surge in the number of incoming tourists in the month of December. December is the peak season for many countries. It is a known fact that people from countries like the Scandinavian countries, Scotland, UK, Russia and many others, migrate to the warmer countries during winters. This does not mean a short break of 2 weeks but a whole month long, if not more, of shifting your home-base! They take up traveling in the place they migrate to, thus adding to the crows of the travelers in December.

The second reason people travel in December is if they live in a hot place and want to experience some cold winters for a change. People especially go to cold regions like Manali, Kashmir, Darjeeling in India and Canada and Scotland outside India. The kids get to experience their first snowfall, people enjoy playing in the snow and enjoy the hot food that accompanies the cold weather. For someone who lives in a hot dry place, cold winters can be a great change of atmosphere.

hello december

Some business men take up to traveling in December to finish of the deals and business meetings before the New Year begins. This helps them start the New Year on a fresh note with fresh business-related goals to achieve for the next year. So to wind up all remaining work, office people travel in December.

The kids get ample amount of holidays in Christmas so obviously, they won’t be staying at home all day long. So people plan Christmas holidays by planning travels to local or international places with their entire families. A lot of people prefer celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve in a new place every year and so they too, take up traveling during that time.

No matter what the reasons are, one thing is for sure that December is a magical month to go out, travel and spend some quality time with your families, friends, or even with your own self. So what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits you this month!


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