La Vie Boheme: Day 2

I spent much of the day today at the festival. It ended surprisingly soon – at 2pm instead of at 4, as they’d earlier said.

The rest of the day was spent in shifting my stuff, i.e, rucksack and guitar, to the place that RoomnHouse have set me up in. It’s a very comfortable one bedroom apartment with a hall and kitchen and two balconies. It has a well stocked bookshelf too. But the best feature is the pool! It looks really inviting!

Later I headed to Tushar’s place, where I took my long overdue siesta. Tushar left when it was time for his bus, and I left to meet another friend, staying near UV Bar – for tonight’s party, where my friend Wim a.k.a Helloki a.k.a Nirodha is playing a Forest and Dark set. Should be fun, we found some dancing powder!



Helloki and the Dancing Powder!

At UV I met up with another friend, Rahul, a.k.a Silentnoise, with whom I’d spent a very agreeable time in New Delhi earlier this year at The Garden of the Five Senses for Twisted Kala’s concert, which he’d opened for, and later at Shruti’s place, where we’d concluded the night on a very positive note, promising to find each other soon. The reunion with Rahul was in high spirits, and he introduced me to Silent Horror, who’d celebrated his birthday the same night as Tushar, playing at Dreambubble, his first, much-anticipated set, in India.



Played his first Set ever at Dream Bubble 2.0

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