La Vie Boheme: Day 3

I’m getting old! All of us, thoroughly exhausted, retired to where my friends were putting up, in a fiercely elegant tent at Xtreme Sportsbar, Anjuna (go figure). The tent was massive, with a surprisingly modern bathroom that, in light of the settings, was shockingly futuristic.

When we woke up, the boys were in a great hurry to leave, so they started packing. I returned to my pad in Calangute, (courtesy!) and took my time cooking myself a European lunch, with a nice jacket potato and a succulent Neopolitan Chicken pasta, before settling down to read E.L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, which I have started reading on a dare (!) Got a way through the book before I went to see my friends off, got them a taxi from Anjuna.

I’d arranged to meet Sourav and Krish, clients who were at Our Shack, Vagator. We killed some time, there, and I met Victor, who works at this serene shack on the lesser known Spaghetti Beach. He turned out to be huge water sports buff, and when he offered to take me kayaking into the sea off Spaghetti Beach, I enthusiastically took him up on his offer, and we paddled, in a pulsating left – right rhythm, reaching the deep where the dolphins play. We rowed back to shore, my subconscious homunculus jumping like an excited ape in my brain.

our shack


Our Shack, Vagator

Victor’s surprises didn’t end there. He went on to tell me a fascinating story from Hippie history, about the first charter of American Hippies who came down in the sixties’ to Goa, on buses and caravans, on a road trip spanning Europe and much of the then USSR to reach Asia, and finally halted for good at Anjuna, Goa, India. Among these illustrious wanderers of yore was the then young Gilbert Levey, who later achieved bliss in his new name of Baba Mangalanand, among the Juna Babas of India, and achieved international fame as the pioneer of Goa Trance music, responsible for making it known to the world as the venerable Goa Gil. Victor took me to the cave on Vagator Hill, where the hippies with Goa Gil first meditated and smoked and came into communion with the holy spirit. This cave was absolutely grown over, in fact it took much scrambling through the undergrowth and weeds to reach, but the view of the sea and the electrifying sanctity of the place sent metaphysical shivers down my spine. We sat there and smoked solemnly.

goa gil


The First and Last Hippie of All, Dude.

I had to see Wim play for the last time this year in Goa, because hereafter we are travelling North to Rajasthan and Nepal.

Had a nice dinner at Mango Tree, where I finally had a long sought-after dish of fried Goan Sausages (Mapusa Mapusa!) and a nice quiet drink.

Met Lin a.k.a Kaotic Mind at the Vagator petrol pump, and he advised 9bar to see Dome play.

9bar is amazing! Nice crowd, and I got to chill out with an Austrian babe by the name of Anita. She seems nice.

9bar goa


Club 9Bar (!) Vagator, Goa

Was introduced to an authentic Hippie by the name of Sari, originally from Finland, but now she is Hindu and she has been travelling the world for over thirty years, and she spoke to me of a lot of philosophical things, including why I should turn Vegan and smoke Tulsi tea leaves instead of tobacco! The more you know! Hooked her up with Michael’s number in Vettaikanal, rather had to write it down on a roach as she doesn’t trust in technology or the artifice of man, but she plans to visit him in spring, and sample the all-natural fruits of the mystic hills.

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