La Vie Boheme – Diary of a Tripper



Sometimes, a young man feels a call that is beyond his normal perception. Sometimes everything just falls into place like clockwork, everybody’s happy, especially you, and you’re doing some of the things that are most dear in your life, and you have amazing backup!

My call has set me out, on a path to discovering myself, in the Psy Trance music and antiquated Hippie scenes across India, starting from the South, up the West Coast to the North, and finally into the mystical land of Nepal.

I am Ishan Banerjee, JBL Groove Baba, bohemian musician, tattooist and travel writer, and I am beginning the time of my life!

I am travelling, at first alone, to Gokarna and Goa, to the psytrance music and arts festival, Dreambubble 2.0. Thereafter I am to travel with a close friend from Flanders, Belgium, a DJ and artist – Wim Loki, a.k.a Helloki a.k.a Nirodha up North, to Rajasthan and Nepal, where he will be playing some parties, so lucky me gets to tag along! I definitely plan to set out on my own adventures also, whilst amidst these beautiful Northern lands, while keeping an open mind to being diverted and waylaid along the course of my journey!

The account of my travels will be periodically posted on this blog, I will maintain a travel diary everyday, as well as shooting footage of myself for the documentary I am preparing, and which I plan to complete back in Bangalore.

This adventure will be my biggest yet, and definitely the longest I will get, once college restarts for me in June next year. Up until then, I hope to keep travelling!

So wish me Godspeed, dear readers and followers of these posts! Please keep up the love, and keep sharing and commenting!

Watch this space so that I may take you where no one else has taken you before!

Stay Blessed! 🙂




The Bohemian!

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