Pilgrim On a Paper: Day 2

Still on the train!

I woke up to severe stomach cramps from yesterday’s haphazard and random eating spree wherever possible, for lack of proper meals on the train. I sat near the train doors, listening to some music and smoking a cigarette, when the train attendant came up to join me. We’d already sorted him out and he’d given us unofficial license to be at ease on the train in regard to smoking. I also met a resident of Kathmandu, who invited me to lunch at his place near Thamel during my stay there.

I had some work pending for the JBL video shoot, a task with which I, and all the other JBL brand ambassadors are entrusted with, and I submitted my write up of the concept for the shoot which is a promotional video based on the Bangalore midnight marathon and JBL’s products.


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