Pilgrim On a Paper


Lennon said that Life is what happens as a result of a frenzy of making other plans. Well, not exactly in those words, but you catch the drift. And so it was with me, as I found myself happily waylaid in Mumbai at a Vipassana Centre, unwittingly seduced by the two girls from Moscow. I’d abandoned my plans to meet Wim Loki, a DJ from Belgium, a dear friend, so I had to make it up to him by meeting him in Nepal, as was previously arranged. My ten day break from travelling across the Konkan coast over, I repacked my massive rucksack, a little less cumbersome this time, and I contacted a friend who also happened to have the same destination as me, the Mystical North country of Nepal.

This is the account of my travels across that tiny Himalayan land, shrouded by clouds and adorned with the majestic crown of the Himadri in the North. Keep reading, dear followers, and keep backpacking!

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