Sharing is Caring

Is it necessary? Is it that necessary to share, to show that we care? Let me tell you a small incident, when I was young, a kid; my mother used to tell me, “Beta, people out there, are not as intelligent as you, you need to be very careful and humble with them. Share whatever to have with you; fountain the happiness and joy. Remember one thing, you can share only if you care.” Was she right? Many of you will say a Yes, but there are few who believe in the other side of the coin. They might think if you care, you just care and there is not so much of need to share or if you share, you just share, no one thinks of caring while sharing. Might be right!



But just think of someone who’s offering you a big villa in the middle of a forest with a campfire set outside, a beautiful garden with blossoms to welcome you at the entrance a small table with a hot coffee mug in the outside garden; with the real feel of the woods. How does it feel? And on the other hand asking you for a share of the economy, How does this feel? You might say this is damn too normal; everyone does this, nothing new.

If you have a villa or a room or a bungalow, A house in any city where you used to be once upon a time; the place is vacant now and no1 stays there, what will you do with that place? Give it on rent? Sell it? Or list it on RoomnHouse ? Do you know about this thing? Yes, you can list your place in their database and they give your place to guests, typically travelers or anyone who’s visiting there and apply for a place and returns a big collection to you. You can make money! And whenever you wish to go somewhere and you want some place to stay; check RoomnHouse. 🙂 Isn’t this great!! SHARE and CARE.


If you care, you will share and if you share you will obviously care. A simple, easy and an out of the box way to help people. This thing is called “sharing economy”, and it includes Home, Garden, Car, Bike, and everything that you wish to share. Share-based offerings are based on a set of values that often includes trust, transparency, economic empowerment, creative expression, authenticity, community resilience and human connection.


We might not trust this system at the very start because of the trust factor, right? In order to make an exchange, users have to be reliable and trustworthy. But how can you rely on people you don’t know? How can you build a reputation when using different P2P marketplaces? Well, I must tell you here, to rely on the third party is always a good option here. It saves your time and money both. And you can trust them; after all, you are registered on their website and you will be having a legal proof and the most important thing is they want to run their business; so there are least chances of such fraud things!


A simple quote by Billy Graham,

“We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing”


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