Get Inked!

Hello Readers!

How many of you are already inked, or want to, or plan to?

Because, oh boy, do they look good!

No seriously, there’s something quite appealing about them. Especially when they’re done right (don’t even try to deny it..)

or wrong (if there’s anything wrong with a tattoo, it’s still appealing… to our sense of humor!)

While a lot of people are inked beyond oblivion and some are sitting the fence about the decision, there are those smart ones who draw, (yes draw) on themselves. Which is quite smart really, new tattoo everyday, or week! Besides if they mess up, they can always wash them off, unless of course permanent markers are involved. (then, it’ll take longer to come off… all hail captain obvious!)

Here are some good ones, you know, if you want to get scarred for life.  (might as well make the scars pretty :p )

I believe I can fly! :D
Anchor, keeps you grounded, literally. ;)
“North is where the finger points” should NEVER be an accompaniment for such a tattoo. :P
We’re so getting this done!
Born to travel :)






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