My take on trekking

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

The famous quote from Saint Augustine, that inspire us to go out and travel. One day my sister asked my mother about the guy one should marry or what qualities she wants in a guy with whom she is going to tie the knot of her daughters life. The mother replied, “While marrying someone, don’t don’t just only marry a person, you marry a lifestyle. Remember one thing for the rest of your life- Marry a traveler. Traveler, not a tourist. Travel makes you alive, it awakens your observance, you become the greatest storyteller in the world and travel teach you life.” I was astonished. I thought over what she said and next morning I packed my bags and went for Trekking. 🙂


I just told you why you should travel. Let me tell you the benefits of trekking, benefits of roaming in hills, rivers, rocks and through woods. Oh my god! It drives my mind through everything what I said just by thinking of it and I start daydreaming my journey. I am listing a few points describing why someone should go on trekking very often?


1. Health

Everyone knows how to be healthy. Sitting at the same table, same chair for years and working out in the gym for 2 hours in the evening won’t help you to be healthy. You should go out for having fresh air little far from your polluted city. Pack your bag. Pick up a few friends and just head to any jungle or nearby mountain!


2. Nature

The most fragile indeed invincible fellow, ‘Nature’.
I don’t understand as in what to describe when I utter the word nature. Because there’s so many things those wouldn’t fit in this small piece of writing. You don’t observe the nature, you must feel it. Stand in between the forest, close your eyes and feel it. It will take you in the paradise.

3. Peace

This is the basic and my favorite reason why I go for a trek. Even though there will be hundreds of people like you climbing the same fort or the same mountain; you will still feel the intense of peace there.


4. Adventure

The heart of any trek is Adventures. River rafting, hill climbing, sky diving, walking through the jungle in the dusk and the night, going by the rope way, selecting the less travelled roads, stuck in between the hills, bonfire on the top of the mountain, in the chilly night, witnessing the stars in the open sky the whole night these all are few things that I would suggest you.


5. Freedom

Trekking gives you freedom. And this freedom I am talking about is not something that you have when you take leave from office and rest at home; nor it is something that you get when you bunk your college; it is something more. It is the feeling that you would feel while escaping into nature’s green and beautifully designed unique caves, while roaming through rainforest discovering different birds, while climbing the highest peak of the mountain throughout the day in the sunny weather. This is the freedom. Freedom from our daily life and from our hectic task track.


6. People and Culture

Yeah, the vital thing about travelling that most of us always forget, ‘People’ ! When we went to ‘Lohagad’ a fort near Pune which is situated at the height of 1,052 meters in the Sahyandri mountain, the small villages those we encounter in our journey and the food items we ate there and obviously the most integral part of the tour was, people we met there. We had stayed in the village close to the fort. We experienced their culture and their life. It was a hell of an experience. Guys, don’t miss this people factor! Have a nice camera with you to capture moments in it.


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