Sweet Spring of Daman

Hello readers, having nice time? 🙂 Well, chilly nights in comfortable cozy blankets are getting over by now and the spring is joining a bridge between winter and summer. This one is my favorite season, it makes me fresh everyday and it awakens the traveler within me. Last to last week I had a trip to Daman. Cozy place with very low population density, lonely but beautiful beaches. Whoa! That was an epic tour. Though my visit was for a purpose, I enjoyed it as well. I don’t leave a single chance to visit new  places and I don’t miss a single place coming to me by chance.


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Well, I traveled alone from Pune to Vapi and reached there at 4.30 in the dawn. It was damn chilly that time. I was wearing my comfy Jacket and yet, I was literally shivering. After 5 or 10 minutes my friend also reached, the sole purpose of the trip was to meet him. We sat on nearby bench and started our talks. I was damn happy to meet him after an year.

Suddenly he asked me, “Didn’t you bring anything with you?”

I said, “What anything?”

I sensed astonishment in his eyes. He further said, “I mean, you were to bring your laptop with you, right?”

I said, “Yes, I have brought. It is in my bag.” “That’s what I’m asking you, where is your bag?” he said looking at me.

I was like, “F’ Where the hell is my bag?” 😮

I searched here and there in surrounding, two guys standing there also came to help us and started the search. Even though it was 7 degrees cold there, I was into sweat everywhere.

“Have you really brought that with you? Or just forgot in travels?” he said.

Then I took out my ticket from my pocket and called the driver. Thank god I didn’t throw that ticket, since I have a bad habit of destroying things once their purpose is over. I asked the driver to check whether I forgot my bag. He said, it’s right there on my seat. By that time, bus was in Surat. A part of me was happy that I saved my Laptop and other part was sad that we’ll need to travel extra 170 Kms for my bag.

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My tour was for two days and in that time, I spent seven long hours for my bag. 🙁 This is something that I always regret. But apart from that incident, my trip was amazing. We enjoyed a lot in Daman. Discovered secret street food, those lavishing restaurants, cheap liquor and beautiful sunset. You can see in photographs the beauty of the lovely sunset.


Stay happy, stay tuned and keep exploring ! See you soon! 🙂

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