We think it’s a sign…

Hello Readers!

So we had a little off time, and internet access, which lead to well this.

This being, our compilation of some of the funniest road signs that show up across the globe 😛

Clearly, something is not right here.
yore Inglish, sow kul :P
Now you know where to go the next time someone asks you to politely, GET LOST!
Oh God No!
this is not something you write like you say. :P
Is it okay to be confused or are we just slow?
Hahahaha, oh oops.
Hey, we warned you.
If you don’t see the typo(s), you need to go back to your geography text book :P
Honesty is the best policy :P
post, stop, tops, opts, spot. SOTP, the possibilities are endless. :P


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