6 Travel Myths about India – Busted.

Traveling alone as a woman is dangerous

Unless you travel with the shadiest crowd, you should be good to go. It’s easier to blend in a crowd as an individual as against a group. Besides do you really get chatty with random strangers in your home country? I’m guessing not, so the same rules apply here. I mean yes, there have been more cases arguing against my myth busting attempt, but there is still a certain amount of safety because people like RoomNHouse look out for you, and pay extra attention to your safety requirements, if you decide to go all Hans Solo on your trip.

India or not, if you psych yourself to believe (a reasonably real) it’s a big bad world speech, you’ll never get anywhere. So yes, it can get scary, but not if you play your cards right, and by that I mean, thoroughly research where you go, the locality, the local haunts, everything.

Becoming unwell is a package deal

It’s not. Really. Stay hydrated and most problems will disappear. If you know your tummy, which I guess you do, you know what will and won’t agree with your system, so pick a place accordingly. In the event you’re feeling a little daredevil-ish, then carry back up medication with you, so you don’t spend the larger part of your trip confined within the air-conditioned settings of your hotel room.

The cuisine is spicy

Hell no. Besides the spice quotient depends on your threshold, so it’s more of a relative hotness in terms of the spice content. The cuisine changes faster than the landscape and you can always ask to “make it less spicy.” 🙂

It’s too damn hot

Well have you been to Kashmir? Ouli? Shimla? You’ll get to see snow, yes snow. Some regions do swelter with heat, but that’s not true of the entire landscape. Besides, the winter makes everything so pleasant. If you don’t mind the monsoon related muck and travel break down, then a monsoon trip to India is the best thing to do!

You’ll get robbed

Not really, or maybe. It depends. Everyone’s not out there to steal from you. For a major part, these incidents of stealing happen in shady areas and not everywhere, unless you’ve been too trusting of someone with a wad of cash. Yes, there are people who think it’s easier to steal rather than earn a livelihood, but that’s a minority which is somehow present on every continent.

Toilets and power cuts

So yes, some places are yet to adapt to the western style of restroom formation. But every place isn’t like that. Power is usually not a problem, but on the off side there is a problem, chances are, you’ve chosen to visit a relatively small place where power cuts are everyday phenomena. Most places have fully functional western style washrooms and steady supply of electricity.

-Sigh- the kind of things that are being said about us.

Fun experiment for your next trip to (or within) India : Book with RnH at www.roomnhouse.com, and see how many of these myths were debunked by you! 😉

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