The Stinker

As a traveler, one often gets to hear some really bizarre stories which are best called urban legends, it’s weird when some of them are actually true because of a man made situation or intervention of the supernatural. This one’s more based on negligence though. This one’s a real stinker.

The Legend:

A couple (probably on vacation or on date night) check in to a hotel room. At first they were greeted by a faintly odd smell.

“The room’s a bit stuffy, let’s open the windows for cross ventilation” they thought. Oh but the room was air conditioned and the windows wouldn’t budge. So they thought, they’d get accustomed to the smell and got unpacking, which only grew stronger if nothing else. Trying their best to ignore it, they tried to stay in the general area which was relatively less smelly.

As the night progressed, it became increasingly impossible to stay in the room. Sleep, was out of the question, eventually they complain to the hotel staff about it.

What they expected was probably a dead rat in one of the vents above the bed… but nothing could prepare them for what was about to come.

Well let’s just say someone mistook the bed for a coffin, and that’s putting it mildly. (I’ll skip over the potentially unsettling graphic description and just move on.)

This is a non fictional account, which has been experienced in many places like Las Vegas, Kansas City, Atlantic City, Florida and California. I guess it’s safe to say that under the bed of a hotel room seems like a comfortable destination for the newly departed. Well if my fan following for ‘cop’ programs and basic American television has taught me anything, it is that most shady things, like a black mail money drop, or an extortion amount pick up, a shady drug deal or even assault and holding someone hostage are done in relatively cheap hotels; putting our toys under the bed, was something we all did when we were younger, when asked to clean our rooms.

Disgusting fact : some people haven’t reported the stench until the following morning.

So in conclusion, I guess, look under the bed before you settle in your newly booked rooms, or jump on it, see if it bounces back.

And I can assure you, you won’t have to worry about that with RoomNHouse 🙂 we take our rooms, houses, and rooms in houses very seriously.

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