Tips To Protect Environment While Travelling


Sometimes we think, what difference does it make if we keep our environment intact? Or how can we save our planet? But the reality is that every individual effort counts, a bit by every one helps in protecting our environment from various threats. Today in this blog I am going to tell you some tips with which you can protect the environment while travelling.


1. Car pool is cool:- Whether you are travelling locally or you are out on an vacation you should always try to pool a car. This not only reduces the consumption of fuels but also saves your money and who knows with carpooling you build up some new friendships.


2. Try walking or take a bike:- If you are travelling shorter distances try walking up and if you are unable to do that take up cycling. If you try this out you will build a healthier environment along with a great physique.

3. Get ready first then leave:- If you are out on a vacation or you are travelling to your office, you should first get ready and take your stuff with you before you leave because most of the time running back to home not only exhaust fuel from the vehicle but also exhausts your Energy.


4. Don’t charge electricals off car battery:- You might find it easy to charge you electronics in car but charging your iPod / mobile / laptop / whatever off the car battery greatly increases fuel consumption. That’s true that you will indirectly generate emissions when charging electrical gadgets at home, but it is still more efficient than doing so in a car.

5. Service time:- If you want to make sure that your car performs at peak efficiency then you’ll have to get it serviced on a regular basis. Get the oil checked, swap out the brakes, check the exhaust etc. If your car is well-kept then it will consume less fuel, pump out fewer greenhouse gases and also last longer, which in the long term helps the environment and your bank balance.

6. Don’t litter while driving:- Most of the time we feel hungry while driving and for that we usually keep packet food in our vehicle but the thing of concern is where do you throw its packet? On roads? Street corners? Spoiling environment? Well if you need to dispose these packets off then you shout do it in a proper bin or take them back with you and dispose them properly.

7. Try to change:- Refuel your car with an alternative form of fuel such as biodiesel instead of diesel. It can be quite expensive in the short term but it is possible to refit your vehicle to run on gas, ethanol or used fats and vegetable oils. This tactic is especially good if the fuels are locally produced. It might cost you more but will give you the satisfaction if doing your bit for the environment.

Follow the tip, do your bit.

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