Traveling through History Lane: Food Habits Die Hard!

Traveling through History Lane: Food Habits Die Hard!

This one’s for the foodies, and the newbie foodies (like me :P) a simple top 20 of the MUST-EAT-THIS food when travelling around the country, and with vegetarian and non vegetarian items, no one feels left out!

  1. Paani puri and all other forms of chaat.
  2. Akuri on toast (note for the bawa challenged: Akuri is usually made by scrambling eggs with onions, tomatoes (or even raw mangoes when in season), red chilli powder, green chillies and topped with fresh coriander. Others add milk, jeera (cumin) powder, curry leaves and even ginger and garlic paste.)
  3. Paav Bhaaji – bonus points for extra butter, paav or cheese.
  4. Any and every form of Dosa ever known or invented – whackier the better!
  5. Vada paav, that’s a no brainer, and oh JUMBO wada paav.
  6. Chole Bhature  – never ever has a foodie shied away from the fried. You shouldn’t either. 😛
  7. Kebab – …mein haddi is every person who doesn’t eat with the group. Ever.
  8. Samosa – had to make it on the list, and it will remain there jab tak rahega samose mein aloo! 😛
  9. Butter chicken – khaate jaao
  10. Bombay sandwich (This street side invention is a combination of the most unlikely ingredients. Lavishly buttered white bread and sandwiched between them thin slices of beetroot, boiled potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion rings, and mint chutney. Cut into four triangles so that you can handle all the layers without spilling them, you get the most refreshing tangy taste, after each bite. A toasted version steams up the vegetables inside and adds another dimension.)
  11. Bombil Fry
  12. Bun Maska aur Irani chai (sing to the tune of Aslam Bhai, if you don’t know what song I’m referring to, then either you’re not from India, or you don’t follow Bollywood music that much.)
  13. Dhoklas and Farsan! (haalo re haalo!)
  14. GOLA! Kulfi! Falooda! And all other forms of heavens own frozen delights broadly classified as ice-cream.
  15. Fish and Prawn Curry
  16. Any and Every kind of Thaali!
  17. Frankie (roti mein wrapped up warm goodness)
  18. Mango Barfi! And all other known form of mithai for those of us who have all 32 teeth as sweet ones!
  19. Mutton dhansak (note for the bawa challenged: the mutton dhansak falls in the category of soul food. It is mutton cooked till tender in a lentil dal laden with spices. It is eaten with browned rice topped with deep fried onions, garnished with mutton kebabs and sprinkled with a crunchy mix of chopped raw onions, raw tomatoes and coriander, after effects include sleepy times and lazy afternoons)
  20. Patra ni macchi – (note for the bawa challenged : This is freshly caught pomfret, marinated in a chutney that includes grated coconut, green chillies, fresh coriander and mint leaves, cumin, sugar, lime and salt. It is then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed for about ten minutes. Gently unwrap and consume quietly, close your eyes and savor the flavor of a culinary culture that will fill your senses.)


To my vegetarian fellow eaters i’m sorry if you were unsettled by non vegetarian items on the list. To my meat eating brethren, i’m sorry if my descriptions were far from the real thing.

Food is food, and all food is good food, so eat away!

I know what I’m doing this evening, what about you?

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