Traveling through history lane: Music ki maal gaadi

Music stands for everything we need to say and also sometimes need to hear, it’s almost impossible to imagine what the world would be like without music. If songs were people, you’d first be attracted to them because of their general way of being, (chorus or the introductory piece.) then you get to know them a little better (understand the lyrics) and then, fall in love with the nuances that make them who they are (the highs and lows which come together to make the entire piece.)

So I have a few friends, you people should meet. I’ll start the introductions :

Meet the twins: Carrie and Indie. Carrie is the traditional south Indian kid, born and raised with an adorable face, free flowing flexibility, yet unbending in her original thought patterns. Chennai is like home to her and she’s more of a vocal person, loquacious yet demure. Indie is the north Indian kid, born and raised with a boom box for a throat, controlled emotion and spiritual thought. She’s a traveler, this one, found all over the place, she’s graceful and sublime all at once.

Then there’s the Bengali sweetheart : Subbu, a hardcore Rabindranath Tagore fan, full on romanticized literature geek, he knows how to make the girls swoon, even if they’re fans of Mills & Boons 😛 seriously. He has varied interests like patriotism, devotion, nature, seasons.. this guy is an absolute joy to be around, now that he’s started chilling with the cool crowd, he’s getting on with the times.

Viv from Assam : I’m pretty sure has a nice demure name, but she can hardly ever identify with it, so meet Viv, short for vivacious. She’s full of life, perennially energetic, though seen in a completely new light during Bihu, see her dance and you’ll agree.

Jignesh from Gujrat : He’s more of a dancer, and when he breaks into a jig, everyone is left spell bound. His music tastes are mainstream popular with a serious jig-gy twist. He’s loud, teams weird colors together, and a little keyed up when he gets in his comfort “jone”

Kavya from all over: No seriously, she’s all over the place, finding something or the other to rant about. Social causes, environmental issue, political issues, easily the debate queen, she makes strong points, but not so much on the party scene. She’s often too busy with her super hero cape, changing the world one chorus at a time to really enjoy the fruits of her altruistic labor.

Hriday from Uttarakhand : He is as earthy as his complexion and his humility runs as deep as his voice. His voice resonates with the heartbeat and his energetic persona makes you want to all but join him in his solo act. Around him, everyone is a glimmer of who they are, and a bigger part of who he is.

Lavanya from Maharashtra : A lovely dame, with a lovely name; Lavanya loves to dress up in the 9 yard silk and doesn’t let that interfere with her beat. She’s talkative, amazingly upbeat, her levels of energy are the thing Red Bull can only dream to achieve.

Raj from Rajasthan: Primitive in his fashion sense, the guy says things which stay with you for a long time, even after he’s gone. He can light as a feather or deep as the ocean, strong as a mountain or delicate as porcelain. He voice first soothes you, then comes back to haunt you (in a good way)

Now meet the cool kids – Anne and Bob: Single handedly responsible for the stuff we hear these days, these two are a weird amalgamation of the most profound sufi quotes to the most tapori-type (roadside Romeo, if you please) language. Love ‘em, Hate ‘em but you sure can’t ignore ‘em. Whimsical in their tastes, they often like to adapt to the people that surround them, so they’re constantly redefining themselves. They’re blissful and melancholic, fast and slow, original and inspired, poetic and textbook prose or everything together at once, depending on how they’re feeling that day. But for the major part they’re good to go.

Then there’s the firangi imports – Jazz and Pop (i.e. Jasminder and Pappu): Jazz has only recently made friends here, so she’s still figuring things out and a little slow to open up, but from what we know of her, she’s rather smooth. Pappu on the other hand has been here quite a bit so this is familiar turf, if not home. He chills big time with Anne and Bob although he was first introduced to Carrie and Indie.

And finally, meet Rock-esh (formerly known as Rakesh, but changed his name because now it’s more hard-hitting) : He was first cool with Anne and Bob, but soon broke apart to do his own thing, he needed stability, and they were too whimsical. So he’s not entirely a firnagi import, though he stayed there a long time and has yet to find his bearing here. He’s a little bit of a brute though the heart inside of him is as poetic as can be.

I can understand the disconnect between what the title says and what you just read, so I’ll just spell it out for you, music is people. The twins are Carnatic and Hindustani classical music, Subbu is Rabindra Sangeet, Viv is Bihu (not the festival but the music), Jignesh is Dandiya, Kavya is Ganasangeet, Hriday is Uttarakhandi folk music, Lavanya is Lavni(not the dance form, but the music), Raj is Rajasthani folk music, Anne and Bob are our very own bollywood film songs, where Anne is the older versions of our Bollywood soundtracks and Bob is the recent ones. Jazz and Pop are Indo Jazz and Indie-pop which are slowly gaining a foothold on the music scene. Rock-esh is Indo Rock, slowly and steadily breaking music stereotypes one song at a time.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly twisted piece,

More tomorrow,


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