Travelling through History Lane: Confluence

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It feels so good to be able to tap into India’s rich history and share some of it with you guys. Today I talk about the most talked about and argued upon topic, Religion. (You were thinking about gender equality, weren’t you.) Risky as it is, it must be discussed, without inhibition. Before I get on with the post, here’s a statutory warning of sorts, I’m not going to talk about the roots of various religions and what their holy books preach of, that is something I leave to the scholars. What I will write about instead, is something you’ll see as the post progresses.

We already know India as a secular, religiously tolerant land, filled with a deep and intense form of mystical energy. On the surface of it, everything seems fine, people getting along well with each other, respectful of what one’s beliefs are. And then we’ve seen time and again, riots based in misdirection and deep rooted in half knowledge. So I ask today, is religion a factor of unity or division? Are we as a country bound by secularism or crippled by it? Would it be easier to just have a new religion for the nation, which would contain the best of all religions and the flaws of none?

Utopic as that sounds, we can’t do that. For a number of reasons, well the first one being- who gets to decide what aspect of which religion will be accepted by the new religion?

Religion is like a book, what you look for, it will show you. Look for hatred and coldness you will find literature on it, look for love and warmth, you will find the same piece but take away something entirely different from it. How then, can one rely on the interpretation of people who claim to know it all? Could it be possible, they got it slightly wrong? We are human after all, and that’s just the tip of the ice berg. Let’s consider by some stroke of fate, we do manage to organize all the scriptural glory and do justice to the representation of each religion, how do we get people to let go of their existing religion in order to adopt this new religion. Why would anyone give up the comfort zone of their religious belief and practices to be a part of something they may not entirely agree with?

Look I’m not trying to cause trouble here or anything, but just bring our attention, once more to some little truths that have already been spoken about before, and will be spoken about again, but somehow we keep forgetting them, so we must be reminded.

India is secular; it boasts of amazing unity in diversity, it is the true epitome of coexistence, and its home. Let’s not have walls keep us that far apart from each other.

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