Unsusal Urban Legends – THE BUNNY MAN, Virgina, USA.

The tale of the Bunny man is weird, and Wikipedia has something entirely different to say about it (check status update on Facebook page.) I’ll give you an abridged version of the unusual legend of the Bunny Man.

Let’s go back to 1903 Clifton, Northern Virginia, USA.

There used to be this asylum for mentally unstable people amidst the backwoods of Clifton, which (understandably) became a cause of concern for the residents of the tiny town, who got together and petitioned to have the asylum moved elsewhere.

The petition was approved. (Worst.Decision.EVER.)

During the transfer of the inmates, the bus they were all travelling through met with an accident under mysterious circumstances and all inmates went missing, 4 months into investigation and all but two inmates had been recovered – Marcus A Wallaster, and Douglas J Grifon.  The search for these two men often turned ugly when bunny rabbit’s remains were discovered, half eaten. (No Filter, you guys.) They later found Marcus hanging by himself from the Fairfax Station Bridge (now known as Bunny Man’s Bridge), with a man made knife or hammer kind of a tool in his hand. Trouble, they thought, was no longer looming over their head.

They had never been more wrong in their lives.

Douglas who was still missing, was presumed dead until a few years later, dead little bunny rabbits resurfaced. It was then that they realized, that Bunny Man was nearer than they though. It was only in Halloween of 1905 did their worst fears come true, 3 teenagers chilling around the bridge, killed mercilessly, all within a matter of seconds. But this time, Bunny Man had an idea, he not only slashed their throats, but also gashed their chests. The 2 boys were hung from one side of the bridge and the girl on the other, post mortem reports revealed that the same type of blade that was found on Marcus, was the murder weapon.

The rest of the year went by quietly, like the silence before the storm.

1906 Halloween day, 7 other teenagers decided to “check the scene out” one of them preferred to keep a distance. And what she saw, no one could believe. A bright light, moving along the railroad above the bridge, stopping at the center over the single lane car passage, and getting really bright, like an exploding supernova. She heard agonizing cries of her friends dying. A few seconds later, an eerie silence spread out. She ran back and tried to explain coherently what she had just seen. She was instead, booked as her friends’ killer and imprisoned.

1913, she’s still in prison and the same thing happens to another bunch of daredevil teenagers, Halloween night. She was found innocent and then let out of prison, but that didn’t help her.

1953 she’s dead.

Many say she died of shock. (No points for guessing who visited her dreams.)

1967 saw 3 more lives lost, and then silence, of 20 years.

In 1987 another girl, another group, same day, same story, only that this time the girl somehow managed to make it out from under the bridge, just before the ordeal began, the wound on her body had began to form, there was no blade, but the cut was bleeding, she ran towards the end of the bridge only to get knocked over by a hanging body, and passed out, right outside. Her hair turned completely white and she bled quite a bit. Upon coming to her senses she did somehow manage to get back home, and to this day is seen sitting on her porch swing, staring into the general direction of the bridge. There’s unfinished business with the one that got away.

Even in the day, the Bunny Man’s bridge is creepy and heavy with desire for death. Bunny Man may have died years ago, but something still lives on.

(On a side note, don’t you think Bunny Man is a slightly stupid thing to really label a killer or anything that’s capable of causing harm? I mean I’d kill anyone who’d call me that. But then again, that would be another story altogether.)

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