Why be a Room N House host?

In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where space is limited and expenses are increasing day by day, a great way to make some extra money is to become a Room N House host. Room N House is a local community marketplace for people to search, discover, list and make use of locations in any area of their choice. It is widely used by travellers, migrating students or employees for accommodation purposes. Some even use Room N House to find a suitable place for various personal and business functions.

Being a host with Room N House has its benefits. It is a convenient and assured way of earning a quick penny. Some hosts rent out their homes when they are on out of town, making productive use of an idle asset. Houses, apartments, boats, cabins, island… you can list it all!

Room N House allows its hosts to manage the availability and reservations of their places. They can also set seasonal pricing and fees from their account. All the transactions are handled by the company thus guaranteeing payments to you, on time. Hosts have the option of selecting the mode via which they get paid. For example, direct deposit or cheque.

The team also provides a free photographer to take professional pictures of your place that is to be listed. The process of listing your apartment is quite simple as well. With one-click listing, hosts can just post once and it would be active till they turned it off. One can even post multiple listings at different locations with only one account. These listings can be directly put up on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter with one click.

A Room N House listing in Umaria
A Room N House listing in Umaria

The Room N House hosts can receive alerts about their space via mail or text message. They also have the privilege of accepting or declining a request that is made for their place. There are considerably attractive cancellation policies.

Another advantage of being a host with Room N House is that it helps you build a good reputation with its reviews. One can expand his or her network in a convenient and profitable wa

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