Eaters who spoil your trip

Hey people! What’s up? Isn’t the topic we will be sharing with you this week, interesting? Well I am pretty excited to share my moments with you as I have encountered a lot of irritating and annoying travel companions during my journeys. Like I do, you also hate people who eat all the time while travelling? Chew chew chew, that’s what they do all the time, littering their food items on the person sitting next to them.
Oh good lord! How can you make such people? About six months ago, I was traveling to some destination and my fight was of some four hours. I was pretty happy to get my favourite seat, window one I prefer! But my happiness and excitement ended when a cubby though cute, 10 year boy came and sat next to me. With a bag full of food, two packets of chips in his hands and a tin of coke he came and dumped all of his food on his seat. My first thought after looking at that bag was, “oh! Stuff in this bag can replace my whole week’s food.”


The moment the flight took of he started to fiddle with every piece of equipment he laid his eyes on. Turing volume high, turing volume low, chew chew, calling attendant, littering wrappers; he was getting on my nerves. There was no dish in the flight menu that he didn’t order. With each serving that was made to him, I was getting scandalised with the thoughts that he will end up eating every thing. That journey was no less than a nightmare to me, and I was just wishing that it ends soon.
A cute little chubby boy who turned out to be an eating monster, at least for me, though his way of eating entertained me and his cute smile made me go aww but he spoiled my whole journey and while getting out of the flight, I thanked him for not eating me, and I promised to myslef that I wont be eating anything form now on during my journey, yeah I know it sounds stupid, but at that time I was damn serious about it.

This was my moment of horror… Enjoy reading:)

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