Fellow Traveller From Hell

– SLAP! –
“did you get it?”

Well, this is what one of the nights during my trip to Delhi turned out like. So many mosquitoes. Not even kidding, but that wasn’t even half of the problem because 2 hours into the ordeal someone remembered we’d packed Odomos. The real fun began after that.

Flashback : We’re on a train to Delhi. We get talking with the guy who occupied the adjacent berth, turns out he’s rather happy to have us as travel companions. That may have something to do with the fact that he gets a greater share of mum’s home cooked lovely methi theplas than we do, but I’m not sure. 😛 He insists on tagging along with us where we’re going, because his own accommodation plans don’t seem good enough for him now. We’re a family of 12, which became a group of 16. Our hosts were gracious enough to make room for the extra”baggage” and the kids were of course, without question, god sent angels,who knew all about courtesy, and sharing, and politeness, and kindness. *cough-evil-spawn-from-hell-cough*

Flashforward : Makeshift mattress-on-floor setting, in a relative’s rather spacious “spare room” number of fans in the room : 5. number of working fans: 2. hogged by, Mr. Fevicol and family.

There are 12 of us, only 8 mattresses.

The mosquitoes become problematic around 1:30 AM; until then we’re talking, settling disputes between kids who refuse to share, and break our toys, laughing, playing card games with Mr.Fevicol and his super imposing family.

It’s now 3:30AM – we’re all heavy eyed, setting alarms for 3 hours later, laughing about how no one will wake up.. then it started, Mrs. Fevicol was dreaming about, god knows what, she slapped him hard across the face. Poor Mr. Fevicol who’d just passed out into a deep slumber and loud snoring, woke up with a start, as did all of us, and again -SLAP!- “did you get it?” she says, and falls asleep like nothing happened. Some time later she screamed something at her children (Who slept like logs through it all), and the story went on.
Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep that night.

Normally, Mr.Fevicol’s travel etiquette would’ve annoyed the crap out of us. Yet somehow, it gets funnier every time we remember it.

Mr. Fevicol and Family.
They will find you, and they will travel with you.

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