Funny moments while travelling

Travelling is fun isn’t it and it becomes even more enjoyable when you get some roll on the floor moments while travelling. When you think about the most funniest thing that you came across while travelling your memory triggers and takes you to that moment and this is what that happened with me today morning when I was sipping my tea with a bit of fresh news. Suddenly a thought came in my mind that reminded me of the kids I met during my travel to Chandigarh in Indian railways.


The scene was like this a couple with two kids was sitting in row adjoining my seat. After a few minutes of silence the show started, the younger and the cuter of the two started to cry and pull her mother’s hair, running all over her and pouring everything she had in her hand on her. Poor lady! After all taking charge of two litter ones is not an easy job. But for rest who were watching this happen it was a moment to roll on the floor and for me as well. The scene was so hilarious and the condition of that lady was so funny that I was unable to stop myself from laughing. Even today if I thing about this incident it leaves a smile on my face.
This was my laughter moment!

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