Hey Y’all! what’s new with you? It’s a lazy sunday isn’t it?

For once, I’m looking forward to Monday (more than I usually do!) Holi seems to have very obviously colored my perception of what the day is going to be like! So today’s post instead of being a history lesson on the evolution and essence of Holi (not that it doesn’t matter or is boring in any way) is going to be an honest view of what happens on the streets during Holi

A riot of color, vibrant and bright,
A glass of bhaang, a water balloon fight.
There will be gulaal, yellow, green and blue,
Everyone’s a target, including me and you.
All’s fair in this humungous water war,
This isn’t an occasion to dress up for.
Mostly because you’ll be colored beyond recognition,
It doesn’t matter what your caste is, or even religion.
There are one too many dangers,
And also friends in strangers.
Enthusiasm generates a heady vibe,
To not be a part of it is like a self depreciating jibe!
So go on, be a part of this colorful grand scheme,
But also beware of the predators unseen.

Walk carefully along the way,
There are wolves in disguise,
A colorful dichotomy is at play,
Better watch your eyes.

Have a colorful and safe Holi.


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