How I sabotaged my plane ride

“Hi, is it alright if my child can take the seat beside you, if it’s not already taken”… and that’s how I ruined my chances at peace, fun and enjoyment, for the rest of the trip. True Story, not even kidding.

I’m sure each of us has that one head nod, that one random act of kindness we regret doing, in my case there’s quite a few, something about there being goodness in the world, just doesn’t add up quite well for me sometimes.

Hey You! what’s up? We spent all of last week giving you One Good Reason for quite a few things, and this week is going to be dedicated to those ‘lovely’ companions whose sole purpose in life is to either annoy the life out of fellow travellers, or become the one thing that was the only downer of an otherwise perfect trip.

Like I was saying, I single handedly sabotaged one of my plane trips. We were flying to Goa, and I made the horrible mistake of letting a mother letting her monster of a child sit beside me. The window seat was where I was, and the mother sat at the aisle seat, her son, between us. The kid seemed harmless for the first 10 minutes, mischievous eyes, cute smile, messy hair, cars in his hand.. I went all “aww” three times over in my head, when I agreed to let the little angel sit beside me. That aww soon changed to 2 1/2 hours of “haw.”
By the end of the flight there was a color changing Hot Wheels car in my glass of water, my clothes were wrinkled because he climbed over me to “watch the clouds” and changing seats was just not an option. There was ketchup on my favourite white blouse, he somehow even managed to pull apart my favorite set of headphones while “only looking” at them.. and the mother just sat there. As did my own family, who settled the matter once the plane landed. (dun dun dun!)

Look I love kids, really, I do. And, my trip went of super smooth after that.

I swear this kid looks innocent until you get to know him

Beware of the crazies!

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