Lazy Sunday

Hey guys, what’s the word?


Today somehow seems like a perfect day to stay in and read a long book, over countless cups of tea or coffee, it also seems like the perfect day to listen to beautiful music and cook up a kitchen storm, or even a movie marathon in the ‘jammies, or laze around like an overfed lion. Having said that, it’s also the best day for a long walk along the sea side, or a gigantic cup of hot chocolate, or a game of cricket with the guys, a day by the beach with a (boy/girl)friend.. the possibilities are countless.

Slightly overcast skies, with a seemingly dim version of the simmering ball of fire. Lying in a patch of grass in a local park, the skies look like a painting, slowly moving, ever changing. There are shapes in the clouds, and stars in my eyes, lines in my hands, slowly changing, slowly aging. There are a bunch of guys playing football in a nearby court, their excitement makes me sit up every now and then, to see which team’s in the lead.

So I lie back down, and get typing, it is now, that my Lg Optimus decides to go all Trasnformers on me and ninja flips out of my hand and onto my face. Silently cursing myself, I open my eyes and hear laughter. Loud uproarious laughter, even as I type this. A rather old couple who I hadn’t noticed earlier had somehow placed a bet on how long it’d be before my phone did that ninja flip.

The lady won.

I just became a source of entertainment for an old Parsi couple.

Oh well, time to push off.

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