Leave your EDM home!!!

This might seem uncalled for and may not go down so well with you party fanatics, but do you really need to electronically charge up your vacations?


EDM- Electronic Dance Music- has caught up with practically every kid, teenager and even our elders are turning their backs on the good stuff to blend in with the trend. It’s the music people are turning on to feel happy, lively and get off their seats and get dancing.

But is there truly any need for you to be blasting away that EDM out loud on your vacations too? Do you really need to feel like you are constantly partying or how you are gonna drink till sunrise or dance the night away while on vacation? Does your soul scream out for some loud electronic explosion whilst traveling in a car on the way to a historical site or passing through a country side?

I recently went on a trip with a bunch of friends who I was really excited to travel with, but by the end of the trip I really wished I had better company. I was traveling with a pack of party freaks who kept playing their EDM whenever they got a chance. In the train, in the car to the hotel, in the room…. on the way to see some place. Oh GOD!!!! I can still recall sitting on top of a plateau with a breathtaking view in front of me, and Swedish House Mafia asking me to not worry and that Heaven’s got a place reserved for me.

Now, I don’t wanna sound like someone who dislikes music (do dislike EDM :P). I personally like listening to good music while traveling, but in my earphones. And not constantly. Maybe on long drives or in the train. My problem is with people forcing their music on the world, especially on vacation and especially loud party music.

It’s cool to party, dance, drink and have a good time with your friends, BUT PLEASE DON’T turn the world into a large disco, and let other people, who genuinely wanna travel for the right reasons, enjoy their trip. 🙂


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