One Good Reason for Travel Themes

Do you often wonder why the host of some travel show always seems to be having more fun than you do on your travels? How he always seems to be stumbling upon something new and unique? And you’re left wondering why that person never seems to be you?

Well you don’t really need to be a travel show host with your own camera crew to be finding yourself in similar situations. You too can make your travels more adventurous and splendid. A simple way to get started is to go on theme vacations. That’s right! Try having an idea behind your trip to help it give a better shape and so that it seems more purposeful. Here are just a few ideas to get you going:

Eco-Friendly Travel: Travel in a fashion that would help to reduce your carbon foot print. Travel gadget free- Refrain from using gadgets that cause harm to the environment. See the place you plan to visit on a bicycle.

Culture- Vulture: Plan a trip to a place rich in culture. Plan your trip in a way that you get to be a part of a cultural fest alone. Pick up on the local lingo, take part in some fun cultural fests like the October Fest in Germany, La Tomatina- the tomato fest in Spain, the Kumb Mela etc…

Tent-venture: Travel with a tent- set up camp wherever you feel like- find a pretty spot atop a hill or by a river- experience living with nature – away from the comforts of a hotel room ( it helps you save up on accommodation as well ;p)

Go-Gaon: Visit a village and live with the locals- get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and look at life from a different point of view.

Gourmet-Guru: Go on an eating spree like a food/travel show host – immerse yourself in local delicacies and get to know the people through the food they eat.

There are several things you could do to make your travels more fun and interesting. You could go ahead and even document your journey to make yourself feel like a travel host ;p and who knows you may discover a lucrative career option!!

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