One Good Reason To Ditch The Camera

Hey y’all! What’s up?

So yesterday, and the day before, Mehak and I gave you One Good Reason in favor of something.. but, I’m heading in the opposite direction with my post today, as the title suggests! I give you One Good Reason to ditch the camera in favor of a book and pen, or just ditch it in general. So often, when we travel, we either always look for picture perfect, Kodak moments, or waste time orchestrating them; not paying attention to the fleeting moments of imperfect beauty, as they slip by, while we smile our perfect smiles.

Why can't we all jut be like Joey, sometimes?
Why can’t we all jut be like Joey, sometimes?

Then there are the selfies, food photos, and all sorts of perspective based camera tricks with monuments. Sure, you like taking pictures, and you’re good at it.. For once, give your mind’s eye a chance. Let your eyes become the camera you carry along, pictures developing in your mind, engraved on your heart.

Writer/artist or not, it’s always a good idea to carry a book and pen(s) with you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well take this chance to use those thousand words and put them on paper. Describe what you see, write it down, draw it, sketch it, doodle it, write poems about it, do whatever. Fill entire lines and pages about how you indulge in the aroma of soft, damp mud that emanates from a near by water sprinkler, how the thirsty grass comes alive in response to the water, almost dancing and beaming greener with joy, and not envy for once. Or you could just take a picture and move on. Lets face it, once we take a picture, we completely rely on it to represent that moment, in all its glory. We become lazy and let the small small details slip by, not realizing that those small small things are often the most cherished part, the most embellished form of any memory.

Look, I’m not anti-photography, or whatever. I love taking pictures, and respect the art of photography, even though my post may not reflect it. 😛

But, I have just one belief : We travel to make memories, not photographs.

And that is my One Good Reason to ditch the camera. (besides if you happen to leave it behind somewhere…)


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