One Good Reason, To Make A Travel Playlist

Hey y’all!

How colored over are you today? (Honest admission: I looked like Green Goblin meets The Riddler, not even kidding.)  Here’s what’s happening behind the blog, we’ve got a new writer on board, and this week all of us going to be giving you One Good Reason to do, well, a lot of things.

“Without music, Life would be a mistake” – Frederich Nietzsche

Today, I’m going to give you my One Good Reason to make a travel playlist, and actually listen to it. Everyone knows traveling by yourself or in a group is such a life changing experience. We even blogged about it, all of last week, so it’s already established that globetrotting is not a bad thing. Why not enhance the experience with a little music? You might say that music would distract you from the wonders that lie hidden in plain sight, but then again, it may even set the mood for a different journey, a different discovery. You may just discover yourself in a whole new light. Music that you’re familiar with not only puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face, it also works as a great conversation starter, you can really bond with people over shared musical tastes. Let’s face it, every train or bus ride, flight, or cruise isn’t as glossy as shown in travel pamphlets, they all have their dull moments, and that is precisely why you must have a playlist in place, who knows how long that spell of dull moments is going to last? 😉

Music allows you to experience and see the world as you see it, while singing to you of an alternate view of what it could be. That duality of the interaction of the present with its endless possibilities, is my, One Good Reason to make a travel playlist, and actually listen to it.

I’m gonna push off now,


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