One Good Reason To Rethink Your Travel Motives

“Yash Shah checked in at Chatrapati Shivaji Domestic Airport”6C8275436-tdy-130524-biz-smartphone-vacation

“Yash Shah is traveling to Goa”

“Yash Shah checked in at Curlies on Foursquare”

“On the beach with my besties” #Instachilling #Sun&Sand

“Party time at Club Cubana” #KillerDP #ThisIsHowWeDoIt #Yolo

Sounds a little too familiar?  Its what our travels have boiled down to.   

Well, gone are the days when one would just sit & have a long chat with friends about ones vacation.  Whatever happened to tales about discovering places unknown? About the fun Aussies you met at a beach party?  

We are living in the midst of a digital age – where we just can’t help ourselves from being logged in.  We are either posting pictures, tagging friends, checking in at places or INSTANTLY Instagramming the hell out of every little thing we do.

Our lives have been reduced to what we post, #tag and how many Likes and comments we get.  All of a sudden, wanting to show the world how much fun we are having has become more important than genuinely enjoying a moment. And believe it or not, we are packing this attitude in our backpacks & taking it with us on vacation too.

So, let’s step back and ask ourselves, why is it that we are traveling? What’s the reason for your rendezvous?  Even though features like maps on smart phones can actually prove useful on trips, it only seems wiser to not let your tech devices take over your vacation. That phone call with your boss can wait.  And your friends aren’t eagerly waiting to check your latest holiday post on Instagram.

I have personally encountered people (friends :S), I have travelled with, who immediately log in (or are already logged in) to Facebook as soon as they get to a place, either to update their status’ or to check in. People, dying to pose for that perfect profile picture. And that is all they do. It’s as though they need to log in into that App/Site/Mobile to Log into their lives.

Is this real traveling?

Isn’t traveling about experiencing something new – leaving the routine life behind and finding yourself in a new place – letting your soul dance? And how are you doing that if your mind and soul are bound within the confines of a DROID?  

Now my suggestion isn’t chucking your phone into the sea or a valley (though that would make for a good story), but try and refrain from being a slave to it when traveling. Instead of thinking about what you are going to post next, scratch that 4-inch plastic itch of yours and open your eyes to the world. Use your hands and feet… walk, feel the sand, the breeze…the trees. Meet new people. You are here to experience something anew. So do that.

You can always get back to your virtual lives once you get back to your hotels or better yet, when you get back home. 

When on the road, treat the road like your wife – share yourself with her. Don’t ignore her. Give her your love and let her love you back.


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