One good reason to say toodles to your cell phone

Hey ya people! How is your day going?
In the week of ‘one good reason’ today I will be sharing with you all, one good reason to say toodles to your cell phone! Ok ya, I understand you guys would be thinking that it is 21st century, who lives without mobiles and probably I might be drunk or something if am saying this but on a serious note, this thing is worth trying. Cell phones are for us, we are not for them but today if we look around, people are just into their devices. Even on vacations cellphone follow us like our shadow. Be it clicking photographs or posting our every minute updates on social networking sites or be it playing games or chatting with friend, mobiles have restricted our ability to think. We travel to explore and to discover but these days people are travelling just to upload their pics with hashtags.


This might be the era of social networking but definitely not the era of losing ourselves. Our eyes and our mind which are the best camera and memory card are getting rusted because of our modern technology. Noting personal with the techno freaks but this is true, instead of capturing the moment and the beauty in it in our heart, we click it in our devices, I agree that it is great way to cherish the moments you have lived but the moments you store in your heart stays with you for a longer period.
Its not only about restricting your thinking but it is also about letting away your privacy. It is not only the phone you carry with you, its the world that you want a break from follows you every where. You try to run away from stress, but you areĀ indeed carrying stress with you.

Give a break, let yourself free, put your phone off and start exploring and remember as I say,
“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, not in the camera lens!”

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