One Good Reason To Take The Train

Hey y’all! What’s up?

Now that the festival of color is behind us, the world seems colored in sombre hues now. We’re back, some of us with residual color on our nails, faces.. Work goes on, Life goes on. Trains, go on.

take the train, add a little drama to your life :P

Today I present to you One Good Reason to take the train, but before I go on further, I must admit, I’m one of the typical born and raised uptown girls who will travel by taxi, car or a bus. (In that order.) having said that, I have on occasion, taken the train as well. Yes, some of what’s written about train travel in India, is true to a certain measure. For starters it cuts travel time down considerably, Honestly. No place is too far unless it takes you more than two hours to commute from one place to another in a train. When you travel with a large group, and spend a day or two in train travel, the experience is insane. Hell, even a solo trip which involves even a night spent in the train is worth it. Sometimes the journey doesn’t even have to be that long! (Before Sunrise or Jab We Met, anyone?)

Hey, if Jesse and Celine, Sheldon and Amy can find love in a train, why can’t we? We needn’t find love in people typically, we can see it in things, songs, conversations, transition, diversity.. anything and everything. I’m not saying every train ride will be a philosophical high, or it’ll make you see life differently, or you’ll meet the person of your dreams, you might. But not always. Besides it’s cheaper, faster, and no baggage issues.

That was my One Good Reason to take the train.

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