One Good Reason to take YOLO seriously.

Yes I know, you’ve already judged me ten times over in your mind after reading the title.
Yes, I know how annoying it is to have people deem any kind of random and pointless behavior as permissible by #YOLO standards (You Only Live Once for the abbreviation impaired.)the-concept-of-yolo

But there are a few genuine YOLO instances (yes, there are.) like Music, Travel, Art, Dance, Writing, Reading (to name a few.) These are all things that matter to people, and enrich our lives in a manner, work and finance never can. Maybe because they help us form relations with people geographically positioned far far away from us, yet are very close to us in terms of shared interests, passions, tastes, thought patterns, expression of emotions.. the kind of things long lasting friendships are made of. From all of these things, Travel is the only thing that gives you the opportunity, to geographically get closer to those people. Most of the times, we don’t travel because we want to make more friends, we make more friends because we travel.

Think about it, we have one life, one short string of things that come together, to define who we are. Do we want to spend it in monotony? When there is an entire world out there, just waiting for us to discover it, cherish it, enjoy it, love it, take a little piece of it back with us, when we go back home. There is a whole bunch of people, events, and minor accidents, happy coincidences, simply waiting to become a part of our memories, and it’s a shame if we don’t make that happen.

Guilt and Shame are terrible things to feel, especially when you knew you had the chance, and you let it slip by.

Travel More, Live More.
You Only Live Once

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