One Good Reason To Travel Alone

Hey y’all! what’s new with you?

Yesterday I gave you one good reason to ditch the camera on your next trip, and today Benjamin will give one good reason to rethink our travel motives, what I’m going to give you today is, one good reason, to travel alone.

To begin with, it’s not lonely. There’s a difference between alone and lonely, and if you confuse one for the other, I have reason to believe that you may have dependence issues 😛

Traveling alone is fun, really, because not only do you get to know people, have a lovely little exploration expedition of your own, you’re free do whatever you want, and by that I mean things like sitting down at the edge of a pavement or lying on a park bench. Things which people in groups don’t do often because there’s always that one person who wants to sit in a café, or because they’re a little uptight about where to rest their derriere.

When you’re traveling alone, yes, the risks do increase, but so do the chances of you doing something to change it. So maybe there’s a guy who’s following you around. Well, use your head – get into a store or an eatery and explain your predicament to the person behind the counter, make a phone call once you’re in there, do something – simply the decision to take charge of your situation and fix what’s wrong with it. You may even be able to show off those Tae Kwan Do moves you’ve been practicing lately! 😛

I’m not saying traveling is a life changing experience (it is!) and entirely risk free, but nothing is really, every moment spent breathing idly is taking us closer to our end anyway, so why not spend time doing things which take our breath away?

Bucket List item 1
Bucket List item #1

While you mull over the other possibilities, I’m gonna push off now!

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