One good reason, to travel with family

Ernest Hemingway once said, ” It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Well I strongly believe in this quote! What matters in the end is what we have been through not what we have reached, with whom we have been not all those who passed our way by. If we look at our journey as a fruit, say mango, then our destination is the seed inside and the journey we make is the pulp. So what do you enjoy more? The pulp, right? The journey that we make leaves its flavour in our life forever! So when it leaves its flavour forever, then why don’t we make our family, our closed ones a part of it? As it is said more the merrier, instead of travelling alone think about travelling with your family.


Today in my post I will be giving my readers ‘one good reason, to travel with family’. Family is an important part of our living, they stand by us no matter what the the situation is. We have a bond with them, so why do we break this when we travel? Like our life we need to make our family a part of our journeys. If we do so, we have more people to enjoy with, we always have people to look after us and we can be carefree. And the best part, if we take our family with us we would not need a stranger to click our photos. Okay, that was a bit mean, but on a serious note, if we have people with us, we will be a bit less tensed about our accommodation, luggage and budget.

Make your family a part of your trip and double the fun!

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