One Good Reason to try that new cuisine

Hey you guys! what’s up?

It’s a lazy Sunday and I have half a mind to go to a random place with an exotic looking menu and order the quirkiest (vegetarian) dish and see if I can stomach it. It may or may not be such a great idea, but hey, that’s how we discover new foods! Growing up I was particularly picky about the food I ate, a trait which has faded away only in recent years. So it was really quite an experience when I decided to venture into the world of food, and exotic cuisines, suddenly my favorite food became very ho hum and boring. I found new food to favorite, and learned the rather hard way that mushrooms are just not my thing.

Every place has it’s own kind of food, subtle variations to well known dishes. Every place, makes the food, its own. I’d say it’s a very good idea to go tasting your way through the food map. It may or may not be the center of your travels but, it will definitely enhance the experience, really it does, even if the food doesn’t agree with your system. (it always makes for funny stories some few beers or years later.)

I can’t really go on and on about how soul uplifting that perfectly flavored plate of food is, simply because that plate has different things food items for different people.. But I will say this, go on tickle your taste buds, surprise them with new flavors, ambush them with a differently textured piece of food, sit back and taste the goodness.

Still need convincing well, we’re all probably going to need dentures someday, so..
Eat while you still can!

These are the cutest food buttons I've seen.. Now I want to buy/make them myself!
These are the cutest food buttons I’ve seen.. Now I want to buy/make them myself!



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