One good reason to watch kathakali

Those mesmerising eyes, that overpowering makeup, those beautiful dance moves, there is no reason to miss this beautiful Indian classical dance form. Our country not only beholds culture and heritage but is a treasure of beautiful dance forms. Today I will be giving my readers one good reason to watch kathakali and I am sure you will not only watch it but will lose your heart to it.


Kathakali is an authentic dance form which has grace, elegance and beautiful mudras. Lets give a brief look at the history of this Indian Classical dance form; popular belief is that kathakali is emerged from “Krishnanattam”, the dance drama on the life and activities of Lord Krishna. It is believed that once Kottarakkara Thampuran, the Raja of Kottarakkara who was attracted by Krishnanattam requested the Zamorin for the loan of a troupe of performers. Due to the political rivalry between the two, Zamorin did not allow this. So Kottarakkara Thampuran created another art form called Ramanattam which was later transformed into Aattakatha. Krishnanaattam was written in Sanskrit, and Ramanattam was in Malayalam. By the end of 17th century, Attakatha was presented to the world with the title ‘Kathakali’.


There are no words in this dance form, it is the eyes of the dancer that says it all. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see performers present Rahda Krishan Ras Lila in breath taking costumes, moving those dramatic eyes, well I am a big fan of this dance form. This is one classical dance that not only has something unique to tell you every time but it has some power of attraction in it, if you look into the big dramatic eyes of the performers once during their performance you can not look any where else for the time being.It is a treat for all the dance lovers. It not only connects us to our culture but also tells a person how beautiful he is in the eyes of nature.

Watch Kathakali, feel yourself getting lost in it, discover the new phase of life…

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