One Good Reason : why getting lost is actually a good thing.

Hello you! what’s up?

How often has it happened that you’ve been doing something rather “important” and decided to just go take a long walk instead? I just got back from mine, like a minute ago. Not even kidding.

My long walks usually involve and revolve around taking a good look at all the ancient ruins of what’s left of the British Raj in my vicinity – old building structures, inspired balustrades, spiraling stair ways.. blending in, with the times as they change. These things often inspire a very different kind of a thought process within me, and it’s almost like angels sit on my shoulders whispering the tiny secrets of this big universe. Though today’s walk had no angels, and became more of an adventure, because I kinda got lost, in the place I’ve lived for about 20 years of my life now. (It’s almost funny how sad that is, or the other way round..)

Because it was one random burst of energy that prompted the decision to walk in the first place, I sort of, left my phone at home, with just a few coins of spare change in my pocket. Being lost was definitely a good thing for me, not only did I find a new shortcut to get home 😉 but also got to see the same old structures from a very different view, literally speaking. For once I wasn’t oblivious to the place I’ve grown to call home, but became strangely more aware of it – the chirping birds, busy street vendors, noisy children, loquacious customers, traffic, the occasional cycle bell, everything.

I found myself in the middle of a bustling world, which went on, whether or not I stood there watching. It didn’t matter who I was, or what I’d done, it didn’t care much for what I was about to do either. I was just another face in the crowd, just another somebody who could be anybody, a realization which was rude and humbling at the same time.

In the middle of a bustling world, I found myself.


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