Hello y’all! How are you doing today?

Did you guys read Mehak’s take on The Season Of Love? (Scroll down to it after this one if you haven’t already read it.)

Women’s day is round the corner now, and it’s not even funny how most men and women around me are a (little) angst-y about it. No actually it is a little funny. Some women want to be wooed with gifts and the whole deal, others just want a break, and the guys, well they’re a little unsure of what to do, pamper her or let her be? The tension is palpable to a point where RoomNHouse will save the day, but that’s for Saturday.

Today is Pre-Friday, so let’s keep it chilled out. This is by far the weirdest conversation I’ve read, (thanks to It follows like this :

(I am waiting in line at a fast food restaurant. The couple behind me, who looks to be in their late twenties, are discussing their orders.)

Guy: “Have you tried the bacon, mushroom and Swiss cheese burger?”

Girl: “Yeah, it wasn’t bad, but I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms.”

Guy:*starts singing super quietly* “Mushroom! Mushroom!”

Girl:*also super quietly* “It’s a snake! A snaaaaaake! A snaaaaake!”

Both: “Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger!”

(They then go back to their conversation about various menu items, completely normal.)

Unless there’s a fandom reference here that I missed, this is one hell of a weird conversation.

Hope this made you chortle lightly if nothing else.

I’m gonna push off now, OkayBye!


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