Rann Utsav

There is little that can be written about the Rann festival, that hasn’t already been said (or written about :P) RannUtsav

It’s said to out-colour Holi, and outshine Diwali. The Rann Mahotsav is a cultural masterpiece painted across the arid Rann of Kutch, with bold strokes from the creative flair of local artisans and craftsmen, finer strokes from a different and rare genre of music, and colourful outbursts from dance to a oddly familiar beat and forget every definition of the word – worry. The warm glow of such beauty, makes one oblivious to the cool winter breeze, as it flows with a cool, measured, stance.  One doesn’t simply go to the Rann Mahotsav and not be moved on some level by the sheer enthusiasm and joy that flows so freely through every dance move, and facial expression.

The moonlight bounces off of their smiles, their ornaments,rann utsav their eyes, as they dance and make music which soothes the soul in the most enchanting manner ever experienced by a sane, non drug abusing person. The energy and vibe is a safe kind of a high. It instantly becomes that kind of  an experience which tends to stay with you, long after the festival and the night are over. In the sunlight, the colours come alive, as do the festive funfairs held along the banks of a lake. Music during the day or night, is haunting, (in a good way )soulful and earthy, it takes you to the depths of your being in a language you may not speak, but deep down understand very well.


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