Rock my world!

Hello to the people of the world!

For a greater part of the week, I’ve talked about how other fellow travelers have really ruined some or the other aspect of a trip which would’ve been “perfect” by utopian standards. Today the tables turn, I’m sure we’ve all, at some point in time, been that person, who may have pissed someone off, by something we did, or didn’t do.

This happened on a flight to Lucknow, I had the aisle seat and beside me was a much older couple who seemed to want every bit of peace that could be extracted out of a plane ride. There I was, with my headphones and rock music. As soon as they let us switch on our electric devices, the couple beside me busied themselves with watching the clouds, and the tantalizing view of the sky. I simply plugged in my headphones, and kept the volume at a decently low level. Given how quiet the plane was, and how close they were sitting to me, it was decidedly a bit on the higher side. Though the lyrics were inaudible (thank heavens for that!) the music pretty much rocked their journey, more than they would have liked.

They were rather gracious about it, or may have mentally judged me to be one of those “GenX-kids-who-follow-death-metal-and-are-into-some-kind-of-a-gothic-satanic-cult” the black nail paint I had on, was clearly not helping. They didn’t say much initially, but 45 minutes later, as I scribbled away a rendition of my can of Coca Cola on the tissue paper that came with it, when aunty patted my shoulder, asking me to turn it down. Uncle then pointed to her hearing aid, on her left ear. I was sitting to her left. Poor lady must’ve had a nasty headache. So I turned it down, switched my mp3 player off, and bored myself to death for the later half of the journey. They smiled, as I read and re-read the flight offerings, mulling over whether or not anything listed there would be worth the price, of course I was only killing time. What seemed like an eternity later, we landed. As we’re getting off, both uncle and aunty affectionately pat my head, and proceed to do the unexpected. They both did the rock horns at me! and not the wrong one with the thumb out which, by the way, means “I love you” in American sign language. 514_400x400_Peel

They totally rocked my world! (pun unintended)Officially, the coolest older couple I’ve ever traveled with! m/

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