Senti-mental and proud

Hey y’all! Over the past two days we’ve been sharing anecdotes about annoying things that fellow travelers indulge in, and today is yet another installment in the series. So far we’ve seen, food habits, and imposing behavior with a possible sleep related condition, coupled with general lack of etiquette and social courtesy. Today is going to be yet another story, but less annoying, because of two reasons, my best friend, and that the journey was short! 😛

So we’re on a bus, my best friend, and I. A journey that would normally take 45 minutes, took an hour and a half, owing to the monsoon, therefore, traffic. It was the perfect day (fair warning : I romanticize the monsoon, a lot.) my playlist was set, and I was ready to let the monsoon in, completely. Until her phone rang, I took that as permission to plug my earphones in and drown in the guitar riffs of my (now) favorite rock band. It was decided that I take the window seat, she’d sit beside me and enjoy the monsoon from afar.

all the tears in the world, can't wash away the pain, all the ice cream in the world can't stop the salty rain.
oh boohoo.

2 minutes and 4 seconds into the song, right about when the guitar riff slows down, before dramatically changing pace. From the corner of my eye I saw her wipe a stray tear off of her face, as much as I knew what the answer was, and how exactly it was going to play out, I asked her nonetheless. “What did he say?” what followed , was 90 minutes of non stop sobbing, and an eye watering monologue on “men are dogs and how could he do this to me?” (yes, in a bus full of people.) As a best friend, I lent her my shoulder to cry on, and even got her a tub of ice-cream after that 🙂 But as a traveler, that was one of the worst bus rides I’ve ever been on. Especially, because the route becomes a lot more enjoyable when it’s raining.

I know, sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and it gets too much to take in all at once, but there’s always the option of dealing with it a little later, in a more private setting. Honestly, to all the travelers out there who proudly wear their emotions on their sleeves, please roll them up. Regards, ALL the people around you.


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